ESSEC Editorial brand guidelines

ESSEC Editorial brand guidelines


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Give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow :
True to its pioneering spirit, ESSEC has a duty to be at the forefront in order to give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow. Their ambition is to become a world-school with French roots and global impact.
This ambition is based on the excellence and the distinctiveness of ESSEC to offer a unique and relevant learning experience that is as closely aligned as possible with today’s world.
Their mission is, more than ever, to accompany students, participants and companies to evolve in this world in perpetual change by calling upon the research, innovation and human values which have always driven them.

TWID was proud to win the tender and to have been able to support ESSEC in the transformation of their editorial charter.
ESSEC published a lot of documents and the creation of an agile, impactful and differentiating graphic system has made it possible to endow ESSEC with powerful communications.

Thanks to the ESSEC teams for their trust and the quality of the collaboration.