MyHotelmatch is a new way of travelling. 

“Organising a stay” is a sensitive, personal and intimate subject. By fully understanding your requirements and capitalising on cutting-edge technologies (including AI), MHM is able to suggest places to stay that live up to your expectations and generate total satisfaction. More than just an app, MHM provides you with personalised, ongoing support, ensuring a very high value-added service that will serve, surprise and delight you.

TWID wanted to create an immersive branding experience that gave users a sense of quality and attention to detail. The agency worked on every opportunity to interact with the customer, from the app’s UI and UX to the design of the journey on the app and website, and the content presenting this revolutionary solution.

ER Digital

ER Digital embodies a new way of working and of guiding companies towards performance.
TWID wanted to propose a resolutely digital brand, exuding simplicity but also letting cutting-edge technology and the future shine through.

ER Digital was created to help companies realize their digital potential. When they approached us for a rebrand, we knew we had to design an experience that would match their spirit of innovation.
We set out to create a graphic universe for ER Digital that would attract visitors’ attention, encourage interaction and discussion, and immerse them in a unique space….that of quality, made-to-measure service and technological excellence. 

We had the pleasure of creating this branding and establishing the brand’s territory online, on social networks and through the company’s corporate and commercial editions.

Delpha conseil

When Delpha Conseil launched a call for tenders to “Offer a new online brand experience without changing our logo”, we answered: let’s GO!
We used all the elements at our disposal to rethink the experience: shapes, colors, visual style, tone of voice, movements, interactions, pathways, hierarchy…in short, we thought about the details because they are often the ones we remember best 😉
Thank you for the trust of the Delpha Conseil teams.


The creation of a brand is the result of strategic thinking, a shared vision, a creative recommendation and a meticulous development of a brand territory… aiming to give birth to a positive experience. To create the SONAUTO brand, the TWID agency wanted to combine the spirit of proximity of the service business, the modernity and simplicity of the new online “customer journey”, and the character and technology specific to the automotive sector.
It was key for VGRF that the approaches be collective, co-creative, and shared… a vision that we fully share.


A long story that continues to be written with Pink.
Pink assembles and markets a wide range of electric scooters for delivery professionals and the sharing economy. The PINK brand celebrates electric mobility.

Since the company’s creation, TWID has created the branding and the main communication tools for PINK. It is the trust established with the teams that allowed us to find the right balance and propose a brand that combines: technology, quality and joviality!
For the past 7 years, TWID has been working to develop this brand and establish it as a key player in its sector. We have just launched the brand’s new website…and many other supports are coming soon! Follow them closely.

Je deviens enseignant

The choice to become a teacher is a committed step, aiming at putting oneself at the service of others, to be part of a team and of a pedagogical project in permanent improvement, to inspire the young generation that will build the world of tomorrow. It was strategic to be able to easily inform people wishing to get involved through a simple, didactic portal that is also easy to use by the project teams.
TWID wanted to facilitate access to the information and steps required to become a Teacher by offering a very visual and intuitive online pathway. We worked on all the stages of the creation of this portal, from the design to the online publication.

THOM Group

In less than 40 years, THOM Group has become the European leader in affordable jewellery thanks to its portfolio of strong and omnichannel brands. THOM Group has a 360° expertise, from product offering to shop concepts, and is a fast-growing and well performing Group.
TWID created the Group’s online image through the creation of their corporate website, supporting them at every stage of the project: we designed the graphic universe, the user experience, the structure, the wireframes, the design of each page, the photo shoots, integration and web development, training of the teams, hosting & maintenance, the referencing…
A fantastic project that establishes Thom Group as the reference in its sector.

More than a cup

MORE THAN A CUP is a way of looking at the mission of companies and their responsibilities to our world, including ESG aspects.
Strauss Coffee is dedicated to industry sustainability by continuously working to grow and improve the involvement of independent women farmers. Their commitments and contributions have a local impact around the world.TWID created the brand and its digital visibility. Through the brand, we wanted to reveal the sincerity of the commitment to the entire coffee industry, the human aspect and the huge local impact.
For the website, we worked on every step: concept and user experience / wireframes / design / integration and launch / SEO / training of Strauss teams.
Thank you to the Strauss Coffee teams for their trust and the quality of our exchanges.
It is really the co-creation that allowed us to achieve this level of quality.


With over 40 years of experience, Acoma is a key player in the steel industry. Present in 6 territories, its 12 subsidiaries produce more than 80,000 tons of steel per year. Acoma knows how to federate, create synergies, and make its teams, partners, customers and ecosystem interact. Acoma is one of the leaders in this dynamic.

Acoma embodies a common, ambitious and innovative will that commits us to future generations.
TWID is pleased to have created this brand, to manage its corporate / commercial / employer aspects and to deploy its brand territory. The challenge was ambitious because we sought to combine the codes of industrial excellence, local roots and human values… 3 aspects that characterise the ACOMA group.
Design is a powerful growth lever to federate, motivate and transform.
Thank you to the ACOMA teams for the quality of the collaboration.


Peugeot is an application designed to make you discover peppers and spices.
Discover their origins, their organoleptic characteristics, the food-spice associations and travel in this gourmet universe.
We’ve designed the entire application : UX, customer journey, wireframe, development, integration ans stores publication.
The universe creates a journey that people experience by tasting prepared dishes.