Established in 1995, Devoteam is an IT consulting group on information and communication technology, the partner of the IT transformation of its clients. The combination of consulting services and technology solutions offers enables Devoteam to accelerate the transition of its customers to the Cloud Services and Digital. In 20 years, the Group has 3,900 employees in 21 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
The Knowledge Communities boost the flow of information, bring together teams and increase the knowledges of all. TWID proposed an identity visual style describing the exploration of new territories and fun to venture with team.
The feeling of elevation is present, associated with the idea that this ascent is made in respect of others and even with their help. KC are the values of “collaborative work”.

Destined to appeal internally, the identity of KC had to be easily appropriated by all and make them want to have fun doing live this brand. Lift your knowledge!