Madame Pommery, who wants to produce a different wine, decides to relocate to a different place which combines the optimal conditions for production. In July 1868 she launches the “construction site of the century” in Reims: the metamorphosis of the crayères chalkpits into cellars.
To celebrate the excellence of this unique Champagne, we’ve designed a serie of photography to traduce the aromas and emotions experienced.
The attachment to modern art of the Vranken family has given us the opportunity to explore rich, unique and impactful visual universes. The attention to every detail in the photography makes feel the whole requirement granted to give birth to this champagne of exception.
Source : “Champagne Pommery” website


Peugeot is an application designed to make you discover peppers and spices.
Discover their origins, their organoleptic characteristics, the food-spice associations and travel in this gourmet universe.
We’ve designed the entire application : UX, customer journey, wireframe, development, integration ans stores publication.
The universe creates a journey that people experience by tasting prepared dishes.


Work otherwise with Birdy.
Birdy digitizes tools and work methods for Auchan Retail.
The work of the agency was to think about the brand positioning and to create communication tools to show that change was positive for Auchan Retail’employees. Twid has imagined a way to feel the futur and to experiment new uses before living them.
This is a spectacular program of internal communication which federates the teams and positions Auchan Retail as a leader of its category.


Esprit béguinage*

A real place of life and conviviality for our seniors. This is what Esprit Béguinage* wants to be when they contacted us to imagine their identity.
Esprit Beguinage* was created in 2019 by Paul de Rochebouët and Jacques Rossi.
We’ve designed the entire new identity around a system of forms and colors reminiscent of the values of the Beguinage: the human, benevolence, solidarity…
While keeping, a strong and lasting identity.

Les amis de Fana

Les amis de Fana, “The friends of Fana”, is part of the FANA group. It’s a foundation for the Assistance of the Abandoned Children, a private non-profit social institution.
TWID helped the brand to incarnate a strong identity based on the children art and to capitalised on the brand baseline “Give a future to their dreams”. Throughout the identity, you can feel the happiness and hope in the children’s dreams, thanks to flashy colors and fun drawings.
The brand has now a playfull but strong identity which can be used in the various campaign and supports it may need in the future.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about it.

Meta Factory

Put technological excellence at the heart of innovation.

The heart of innovation is technological. The permanent flow of new technologies is constantly questioning business models and ways of communicating.
The work of the agency was to think about the brand positioning and to show that Metafactory is still inventing the future solutions of big companies, leaders in their sectors. Twid has imagined a way to show the unshowable: Data flow, technological solutions, digital analysis,…


Cartesiam is the leader of Edge computing, which consists in loading AI directly into objects, via microcontrollers.

The firm has now partnered with Eolane. Joel Rubino, one of the co-founder, contacted us with the desire to refresh the brand. The brief: create an identity that underlines Cartesiam as a global company, to expand its activity in the USA.
We’ve entirely designed the branding, the 3D identity and the website.


A strong expertise in medical and insurance world. That’s what Latrémouille & Avocats wanted us to underline when they called us to reimagine their brand.
The law firm, founded in 2002 by Denis Latrémouille in Paris, is one of the best-known in its field.

We’ve designed the entire new identity around a system of brackets that enhances the firm as human and attentive for its clients. But also strong and expert when it comes to fight for them.


As an international group, keeping all its departments and collaborators well informed on the key subjects of their fields of activity is a huge stake for Total. With Appi, Total tooks this challenge by developping its own competitive watch & information tool, providing to its teams a wide range of usefull and reliable sources, all gathered on the same platform.
Whithin the framework of this new tool’s launch, TWID helped Total to find the solution of the following stake : how to raise teams awareness among this new platform ?
We wished to position Appi as an everyday asset that every collaborator could use to accomplish their tasks easily.
This approach leaded us to build a strong link through this tool, helping to federate furthermore over teams of the group.
By developping a teaser film, several tutorial videos and an e-mail communication, we highlighted Appi’s benefits, showing its intuitivity and efficiency. We also focused on spreading a consistant brand universe throughout all the medias.
This tools helped Total to well established its new platform and thus to improve the coordination on its competitive watch for its international teams.


CLDK is a fintech that provides banks with fabulous tools to improve their relationship with their customers. The challenge for TWID was to present in a simple and modern way the technical prowess that CDLK has achieved. Beyond the proposed solutions, CDLK embodies a revolution around the quality of services offered.
The world of banking is changing and CDLK is a key player in this transformation, alongside banks. TWID has developed a brand, a visual universe and all the tools to tell this positioning in a contemporary way, clear, and so inviting! Let’s discover our work below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about it.