LISEGA is the leading manufacturer of pipes and maintenance equipment for industry, particularly the nuclear sector. TWID took care to tell the story of LISEGA’s vision by combining the technological excellence, cohesion and commitment of its teams with the innovation and boldness of this pioneering company. 

We staged the company’s story through the scenography of their stand and their corporate publication. 

Thank you to the LISEGA teams for the quality of our discussions, the attention paid to design and the pleasure of co-creating together.


ATOL opticians network trusted us to animate their windows!
Very quickly we realized that through the store design, we were creating a real dialogue with their customers over the seasons, highlights, and key dates, and initiating a positive experience, built over time.
We thought of these highlights as a story told over time, which we expect to continue, which attracts attention, stimulates the imagination, invites to enter and to stay in memory…

We designed these visual universes with the objective that they be constantly renewed, bring rhythm and color, create connivance, serve the brand image of the network while remaining in continuity and coherence. A beautiful challenge! Thank you to the ATOL teams for their confidence.


The European Alumni Summit conference cycle aims to bring together Harvard Alumni living in Europe and to combine over 3 days: inspiration sessions, knowledge transfer, formal and informal exchanges, creative workshops, networking… and thus enrich the vision of each of the participants.

We wanted to come up with a graphic identity that would evoke progression while exuding simplicity, sobriety and modernity. Like an action button, this branding makes people want to take action, to be part of our future, to put forward a strong vision for tackling tomorrow’s challenges. Thank you to the Harvard teams for their renewed confidence and the quality of our discussions.


A family adventure for 6 generations, Manfield is a unique company. In a world in perpetual motion, Manfield is the sign of all paradoxes.
Between tradition and modernity, requirement and simplicity or even travel and proximity, Manfield has been walking for 175 years on demanding crest paths.
Manfield would like TWID to make their uniqueness visible while subscribing to current visual codes.
From the creation of the brand to the deployment of this communication tools in shops, TWID worked on each step of the ambitious project.
Thanks to the Manfield teams for their trust and the quality of the collaboration.


The Adagio network is the result of a joint venture 50/50 between Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, and Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group , European leader in local tourism.
No. 1 in Europe, Adagio offer in city centers , apartments offering hotel services for long stays.

TWID offers tools to create and charter practices in terms of both internal and external signage. The major challenge is to offer a simple but graphic identity system meeting the DNA of the brand. In interior signage, graphics system must be designed to incorporate many features and work as well for speaking engagements in reception area, parking, strolling areas, elevator, inside the apartment…
One of difficulties is to keep it simple by taking into account all the constraints, the other is to find the right notching between information and communication.
In outdoor signage, the graphics system must be designed to provide standards but also expect the unexpected.
At the end of this work, Brand Guidelines provided thus become the reference documents ensuring the durability graphics principles and consistency of the network.


How to go from a place of repair to a daily destination?

TWID agency recommended to revolutionize the concept of Soufflet Vigne stores. The transformation of the stores was the culmination of a major change in customer relationship. To strengthen the proximity with its customers, we wanted to work around 4 pillars:
– Attractive
– Living
– Connected
– User-friendly.
Each of the points of contact were worked to ensure a frictionless journey, facilitating exchange and valuing Soufflet Vignes expertises.

TWID agency worked globally: Branding / Customer journey and redesign of each point of contact (outside and inside) / Interior and exterior architecture / Guidelines and store bible / Design advises and monitoring of works.

Thanks to the Soufflet Vignes teams for their trust and the quality of the collaboration.