As an international group, keeping all its departments and collaborators well informed on the key subjects of their fields of activity is a huge stake for Total. With Appi, Total tooks this challenge by developping its own competitive watch & information tool, providing to its teams a wide range of usefull and reliable sources, all gathered on the same platform.
Whithin the framework of this new tool’s launch, TWID helped Total to find the solution of the following stake : how to raise teams awareness among this new platform ?
We wished to position Appi as an everyday asset that every collaborator could use to accomplish their tasks easily.
This approach leaded us to build a strong link through this tool, helping to federate furthermore over teams of the group.
By developping a teaser film, several tutorial videos and an e-mail communication, we highlighted Appi’s benefits, showing its intuitivity and efficiency. We also focused on spreading a consistant brand universe throughout all the medias.
This tools helped Total to well established its new platform and thus to improve the coordination on its competitive watch for its international teams.


CLDK is a fintech that provides banks with fabulous tools to improve their relationship with their customers. The challenge for TWID was to present in a simple and modern way the technical prowess that CDLK has achieved. Beyond the proposed solutions, CDLK embodies a revolution around the quality of services offered.
The world of banking is changing and CDLK is a key player in this transformation, alongside banks. TWID has developed a brand, a visual universe and all the tools to tell this positioning in a contemporary way, clear, and so inviting! Let’s discover our work below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about it.


Tarkett launches the Ultimate Starfloor Click 30, luxury rigid core. Through this edition, you can browse the entire collection with beautiful lifestyle photographs.
We’ve designed the entire edition around luxury and lifestyle way. We have thought of a new way to present tarkett products, to match their image and values.


Established in 1995, Devoteam is an IT consulting group on information and communication technology, the partner of the IT transformation of its clients. The combination of consulting services and technology solutions offers enables Devoteam to accelerate the transition of its customers to the Cloud Services and Digital. In 20 years, the Group has 3,900 employees in 21 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
The Knowledge Communities boost the flow of information, bring together teams and increase the knowledges of all. TWID proposed an identity visual style describing the exploration of new territories and fun to venture with team.
The feeling of elevation is present, associated with the idea that this ascent is made in respect of others and even with their help. KC are the values of “collaborative work”.

Destined to appeal internally, the identity of KC had to be easily appropriated by all and make them want to have fun doing live this brand. Lift your knowledge!


A consistent brand at international level requires all the actors who make it live share a common vision.
TWID agency has designed a program to accompany marketing teams of 7 european countries to federate around a common vision of Spontex brand. A series of individual interviews, workshops and full sessions have resulted in the creation of a brand book.
The challenge of this project was to find common territory by taking into account the cultural, competitive and structural specificities of each of these markets. It is this vision shared by the various countries which has made it possible to create a reference document, usefull to all, which ensures the long-term consistency of speakings both advertising and in-store.


ATLAS embodies the digital transformation of the MAZARS Group. The MAZARS UK subsidiary was in charge of this strategic project and launched a call for tenders to choose the branding agency that would best support them and help them succeed in this major step.

TWID was selected to lead the naming and branding process and then to bring the brand to life in digital, print, film, e-learning, etc., taking into account the impact in terms of internal CHANGE. The ATLAS brand gives each of their employees a sense of responsibility, makes them proud, and takes them confidently into the future. The challenges facing the sector are numerous and ambitious. We wanted to create a brand at the same height.


The Adagio network is the result of a joint venture 50/50 between Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, and Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group , European leader in local tourism.
No. 1 in Europe, Adagio offer in city centers , apartments offering hotel services for long stays.

TWID offers tools to create and charter practices in terms of both internal and external signage. The major challenge is to offer a simple but graphic identity system meeting the DNA of the brand. In interior signage, graphics system must be designed to incorporate many features and work as well for speaking engagements in reception area, parking, strolling areas, elevator, inside the apartment…
One of difficulties is to keep it simple by taking into account all the constraints, the other is to find the right notching between information and communication.
In outdoor signage, the graphics system must be designed to provide standards but also expect the unexpected.
At the end of this work, Brand Guidelines provided thus become the reference documents ensuring the durability graphics principles and consistency of the network.


Offer an electric mobility experience to Parisians!
Mober’s project starts from a simple idea: to allow the Parisians to move simply and rediscover their city in a new light. Installed on its electric scooter with a design reminiscent of Italian vespas, the Mober user can discover a whole new experience of mobility in silence and without pollution. No parking space is imposed, you park where you want (on the site 2 wheels of your choice) and the application makes it easy to locate the scooters around, it is in this simplicity that is summed up the mission of Mober: free the Parisians!
In keeping with this spirit, the agency TWID had the pleasure to create the identity, the visual universe and the communication tools of this brand. With a visual identity, a coherent set of graphic elements, a video resolutely written in the spirit of Mober, activation tools … the objective is to install a brand identity impacting, memorable and fully online with the pleasure of moving by scooter!


How to go from a place of repair to a daily destination?

TWID agency recommended to revolutionize the concept of Soufflet Vigne stores. The transformation of the stores was the culmination of a major change in customer relationship. To strengthen the proximity with its customers, we wanted to work around 4 pillars:
– Attractive
– Living
– Connected
– User-friendly.
Each of the points of contact were worked to ensure a frictionless journey, facilitating exchange and valuing Soufflet Vignes expertises.

TWID agency worked globally: Branding / Customer journey and redesign of each point of contact (outside and inside) / Interior and exterior architecture / Guidelines and store bible / Design advises and monitoring of works.

Thanks to the Soufflet Vignes teams for their trust and the quality of the collaboration.